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Christine w/ Harley and Casey

Christine w/ Louis

  Movin' Paws

We love animals; working with them brightens our day! As pet owners, we know the challenge of finding competent, reliable, and trustworthy pet care while away at work, on a vacation or a weekend getaway.


When you cannot be with your pets, Movin’ Paws can give you peace of mind, knowing that your furry family members will be in the best of hands. With our dog walking service, we keep these paws moving so dogs stay fit and maintain optimum health. With our pet sitting services, we guarantee your furry loved ones will also have a fabulous vacation. Movin’ Paws are owned and operated by pet owners, "Partners-in-Care". We are certified, insured, and bonded and are committed to providing personalized attention as well as a safe, positive, and comforting environment to your beloved four-legged friends.

Christine Torreele


Christine (center) w/ team members,       

Jennifer (left) & Tiffany (right) attending  California Yacht Club's Puppy Pool Party

Christine w/ Beau

Christine and Thor & Titan.heic

Christine w/ Thor & Titan

Meet the Movin' Paws Team

Our "helping paws" have you covered.

With our experienced, professional and caring staff, your furry ones are in the best of paws! 

Venus w/ Jonah

Venus and Jonah.HEIC
John and Ryder.jpg

John w/ Ryder

Clara and Roo.heic

Clara w/ Roo

Alison and Rio.heic

Alison w/ Rio

Katelyn and Monty.HEIC
Valerie and Mickey.heic

Katelyn w/ Monty

Caiti w/ Elfi

Amanda w/ Rocky

Valerie w/ Mickey

Christine w/ Laguna

Allison and Marcie.jpg

Allison w/ Marcie

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